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The 5 Most Anticipated Movies of October 2013

TMW's editor picks his five most anticipated UK October releases.

James McAvoy stars in this Irvine Welsh adaptation that tells the tale of a coke and sex addicted Scottish cop. The impressive supporting cast includes Jim Broadbent, Imogen Poots, Jamie Bell and even Hutch himself, David Soul.

The To Do List
How is this teen sex comedy any different from the numerous others? Well, this is told from a female perspective and Aubrey Plaza received much acclaim from US critics for her portrayal of a college girl desperately trying to get some.

The Fifth Estate
Whether or not it twists the facts, Bill Condon's take on the Wikileaks affair should be worth a watch with Benedict Cumberbatch perfectly cast as Julian Assange. If Daniel Bruhl is half as good as he was in 'Rush' this should be very interesting.

V/H/S 2
While the first installment was close to unwatchable in quality, this sequel has been, on the whole, well received Stateside. Directors on board this time include Adam Wingard ('You're Next'), Gareth Evans ('The Raid') and Eduardo Sanchez ('The Blair Witch Project').

We Are What We Are
Not another US remake of a foreign language horror? Well, this reworking of the 2010 Mexican cannibal flick comes from Jim Mickle and Nick Damici, who reinvigorated the vampire genre with their low budget gem 'Stake Land'. The always impressive Julia Garner stars alongside Kelly McGillis and Wyatt Russell, son of Kurt.

Eric Hillis