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'The Reaper' DVD Winners!

'The Reaper', starring horror legend Tony Todd ('Candyman', 'Final Destination') hits UK DVD on September 23rd and can be purchased through The Movie Waffler, in association with Safecracker Pictures, is giving away five copies to UK readers.

"As a punishment for failing a test on the industrial revolution a group of teens are taken on a field trip to a railroad museum where a mysterious Mr Steele (Tony Todd - "Candyman") tells them about "Railroad Jack" - a cold - blooded "Reaper" - an horrific creature who ushers souls to the afterlife and is known to haunt a stretch of desert highway called "Deaths Door".
On their return they travel along "Deaths Door" and their school bus crashes right beside a strange, deserted fairground. Enticed by the light and the sounds of this deadly carnival, the teens set out to find help. But terror ensues when they discover the carnival is Jack The Reapers hunting ground."Railroad Jack" (Douglas Tait "Freddy v Jason") has been waiting for them, armed with a pickaxe and he has laid claim to their souls."

The winners are:

Sajad Farid, Preston
Karen Southwood, Sheffield
Danielle Preira, Leicestershire
Johannah Carroll, Berkshire
Daniela Blumlein, London