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The 5 Best Movies of April 2013

The five new releases most enjoyed by the Waffler this April.

5. Promised Land
TMW said: "It's testament to Damon's affability that, despite the dubious nature of his character, we find ourselves rooting for him to succeed."
4. A Late Quartet
TMW said: "While its story is nothing we haven’t seen before, the performances from its ensemble cast and some stunning work by legendary cinematographer Frederick Elmes make ‘A Late Quartet’ a worthwhile watch."
3. Bernie
TMW said: "As a film, there's not a whole lot to 'Bernie' but what there is you'll have a lot of fun with."
2. Love Is All You Need
TMW said: "Apart from a disappointingly predictable ending, 'LIAYN' is a charming rom-com aimed at middle-aged viewers but accessible to all but those too ignorant to read subtitles."
1. Iron Man 3
TMW said: "Marvel purists will probably be aghast at what Shane Black's done to the material, especially the treatment of The Mandarin, but the rest of will be happy to have a comic book movie that's, well, comic."