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March 2013 Preview

TMW looks at the most interesting movies due for release this March.

Sleep Tight
Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza, the duo behind the 'Rec' movies, have split and gone their separate ways. Last year, Plaza gave us the awful 'Rec 3: Genesis', leading many to believe Balaguero was the real talent behind the series. His first solo effort since the split is set in a Barcelona apartment building whose concierge is intent on making life hell for its tenants.

Enigmatic Uncle Charlie (Matthew Goode) comes to stay with his sister (Nicole Kidman) and niece (Mia Wasikowska) after the death of Kidman's husband. Charlie seems to be hiding a dark secret however. Wait, isn't this Hitchcock's 'Shadow of a Doubt'? Well, screenwriter Wentworth Miller claims it's a mix of Hitch's classic and 'Dracula', hence the title. Also marks the U.S debut of acclaimed Korean director Park Chan Wook.

Side Effects
Rooney Mara commits murder while under the influence of an experimental drug prescribed by her psychiatrist, Jude Law, but is the drug just a convenient excuse for her actions? Soderbergh's final theatrical movie before his retirement has drawn comparisons to Hitchcock and Altman, which definitely has our curiosity peaked.

Last Exorcism: The Beginning of the End
'The Last Exorcism' was one of the more interesting found footage efforts but suffered critically due to its Eli Roth associations. Now we're getting a sequel which, thankfully, has dropped the found footage technique.

There was much scoffing when it was announced that Elijah Wood was to take on the role originally portrayed by Joe Spinell in this remake of William Lustig's seminal eighties slasher. Early reports however suggest it's been an inspired piece of casting. The screenplay comes courtesy of Alexandre Aja, who won the hearts of horror buffs with his terrific 'Piranha 3D'.

In the House
Francois Ozon's latest thriller has been compared to Hitchcock with its tale of a young man disrupting the lives of an older couple. When Kristin Scott-Thomas acts in French, the results are usually positive.

*Based on U.K release dates.

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