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Ten Of The Best - 1995

The ten best movies of 1995

10. Living in Oblivion
When this hit cinemas I was in Film School so it was perfect timing for me and my classmates. Not the best movie about film-making but one of the funniest.

9. The Crossing Guard
The first of two impressive directorial outings for Sean Penn which featured Jack Nicholson. Great performance by David Morse too.

8. The Brady Bunch Movie
Almost two decades before "21 Jump Street", we had this clever satire on generation gaps.
7. Clueless
Though it was basically a homage to eighties teen movies it went on to influence every teen comedy of the noughties. Probably the only Alicia Silverstone movie worth watching.

6. Safe
A blackly comic look at first world problems and how we treat them. Julianne Moore has never been better.

5. Smoke
One of those movies that feels like revisiting old friends you've never met before. William Hurt should be acting more.

4. Waterworld
It's $100 million budget wouldn't finance a Woody Allen movie now. Why isn't Kevin Reynolds making movies anymore?

3. The Quick & the Dead
My favorite Sam Raimi flick. Full review here

2. Seven
Established Fincher as arguably the best Hollywood director of his generation. Pitt has come on so much as an actor since though. "Whaaa's in da box???"

1. Welcome to the Dollhouse
Todd Solondz launched himself onto the indie scene as an abrasive new talent. A great central performance by young Heather Matarazzo who seems to have sadly vanished.

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